• Welcome back artists! And to any new artists looking at our event, hello! Thank you for checking us out! We at Hawaii Pop Con are so excited to bring back our humble Artist Alley for this year's show and we really hope to expand and grow it from last year!


    Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and interest! We had to close the applications a month early due to the volume of applicants. If you were unable to apply for this Hawaii Pop Con, we implore you to try next time! We are always looking to make our Artist Alley bigger and better!

  • How much is an Artist Alley Table?

    One table is $250.

    We are also asking all artists to donate about $50 (retail) worth of merch to Hawaii Pop Con to use in raffles and various prizes.

  • What comes with an Artist Alley Table?

    A 6ft Table with 2 Chairs and 2 Vendor Badges.

  • Who can be in Aritst Alley?

    The requirement to being in our Artist Alley is that you must fulfill at least 1 of the requirements below:

    • You handmake your products.
    • You design 100% of your products.

    This means we welcome all artists, from handmade plushies or hand poured resin to artists who sell prints, stickers, appareal, and more!

  • What am I NOT allowed to sell in Artist Alley?

    • NO products that have been mass produced that you DID NOT design yourself. This means reselling things you bought on Aliexpress, Temu, etc.
    • NO AI Generated Art will be allowed.
    • NO selling licensed merchindise (ie. TCG, official/bootleg plushies or figures, etc).

    If you wish to sell at our show, please refer to our Vendor's Page.

  • Can I share a table?

    Yes, absolutely! Please make sure to note that on your Application Form and submit examples of both of your works.

  • Can I purchase more than 1 table?

    Yes! You may purchase more than 1 table, but there is no special pricing for buying multiple tables in Artist Alley.