VIP Experience Add-On

Ready for an incredible experience above the rest? Want to make sure that you get to meet your favorite guest?

Then the VIP Experience is for YOU!

PLEASE NOTE:You MUST still buy a General Admission ticket via Ticketmaster.

This is just an add-on experience and alone WILL NOT grant you admission to the event.

The VIP Experience Add-On includes:

  • Early Access Shopping Hours (1 hour before the General Admission)
  • VIP Fast Pass - Priority for Meet & Greets*
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • Access to VIP Event (Monday - entrance fee applicable, more info to come)
  • VIP-Exclusive Swag Bag
  • VIP Exclusive Badge & Lanyard
  • 1 Pop Con Mystery Pack
  • 1 Pop Con T-Shirt
  • 1 Pop Con Sticker Pack
  • 1 Food Voucher (good for Night Market or Drink or Hot Food)
  • More goodies to be announced as they are confirmed!

* VIP Fast Pass: Please note that in order to keep things fair for all attendees and to be considerate of our guests' time, we are limiting it to 1 VIP Fast Pass use PER guest.

For example: You want to meet Mitsuhiro Arita and use the Fast Pass to ensure you get a card signed. If you use your Fast Pass on Saturday to get something signed, you will not be able to use it again on Sunday. If you want to meet Mitsuhiro Arita on Saturday & Sunday, you will need to purchase 2 VIP Add-Ons.

Please note that if you purchase 2 VIP Add-Ons, you will also get double the swag listed above.